Merano’s Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, Italy
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Lana & Environs: Where the Alps meet the South

Meran is known for its mild winters. This fact has attracted winter vacationers for decades, but Meran and Lana have much more to offer than the climate.
The historic spa town with its Art Nouveau facades is also famous for its walks and promenades. And Lana, with its many churches, monasteries and castles, stretches from the mountains around Völlan to the apple orchards in the wide lower valley.
Around 20 km to the south is the South Tyrolean capital of Bolzano, with many museums and galleries, cafes and shops. The most popular attraction is the 5000-year old prehistoric ice mummy Ötzi, on display in the Museum of Archaeology.



Situated at the foot of Mount St. Vigilius, there’s the locality of Lana – surrounded by lush orchards and vineyards. Numerous events and shopping opportunities help to round off the rich cultural lifestyle along the Valsura River.

Lana near Merano, holiday in South Tyrol in Italy
Merano near Lana, holiday in South Tyrol, Schwarzschmied

Meran & Bolzano

The mild climate and pure air in Meran already attracted the Austrian Empress, Sisi. Some 20 km south of Lana is Bolzano, the provincial capital.

Ulten Valley

The pristine Ulten valley is considered the gateway to the Stelvio National Park. Fervent hikers are sure to discover some of the best excursions in South Tyrol.

Ulten Valley near Lana, holiday in South Tyrol, Italy
Art and culture in South Tyrol, Schwarzschmied

Art and Culture

There are about 40 churches, chapels and monasteries to visit, built across more than 10 centuries, located in Lana — once known as the town of churches. For art lovers there is Merano Arte, Tyrol Castle with its art collections and the numerous museums of Bolzano.

Food and Drink

In South Tyrol, the Alpine culinary tradition fuses with Italian Mediterranean lightness. Top-level award-winning restaurants cater to a cuisine at the highest level.

Culinary in South Tyrol, holiday in Lana near Merano
Shopping in South Tyrol, Merano and Bolzano


Walking past the shops and boutiques of Meran, one notices the Art Nouveau façade of the houses and buildings alternating with medieval Portici. There are also good deals to be had in the wide range of shopping outlets in the historic center of Bolzano.

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