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Eating and Drinking in Lana, Meran and Bolzano

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As a traditional spa town with a surrounding Alpine tourism area, Meran and its environs have a long-standing culinary tradition. The town of Lana, which produced mainly wine for Bavarian monasteries from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, was particularly noted for its abundance of local produce. Here, on the border with the neighboring region of Trentino, the culinary tradition of Tyrol was always influenced by the cuisine of Northern Italy.

Antipasti are as much a part of everyday life in Lana as are classic Tyrolean dishes. In addition to the high density of top-class restaurants in the area, South Tyrol is also home to many of Italy's award-winning wines.
Next to high level cuisine, numerous restaurants, inns and pubs offer great authentic home cooking to a very high standard. One of the best locations for fine dining is the slow food restaurant La Fucina at Hotel Schwarzschmied.

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