Lana & Environs

The Historic Village of Lana

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Lana is located 7 km south of Meran, at the entrance to the Ulten Valley and at the bottom of both Mount St. Vigilius and Val di Non, in the neighboring region of Trentino. It is divided by the Falschauer river and once led to the now dry swamps at the Falschauer river delta, a sanctuary for hundreds of bird species.
This important fruit-growing town is surrounded by lush orchards and vineyards, and extends from the health resort in Völlan down to the fertile fields in the valley and to the spectacular Gaul Ravine. The fruit, wine and produce of Lana have been well-known and appreciated by travelers since the 18th century.

A gorgeous landscape and rich architectural heritage characterize Lana, with almost 40 churches, chapels and monasteries built across a period of ten centuries. There are also a number of castles, from Brandisburg to Leonburg and Braunsberg Castle, located above the steep Gaul Ravine along the Sculpture Trail.
Numerous events and festivals (LanaLive, Alps Move, Lana meets Jazz and many more) enrich the cultural life of the old market town. Renowned artists, musicians, writers, sculptors and architects from Lana have visibly changed the face of the village in the post-war era.

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