Ulten Valley

A remote valley close to Lana

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The 40 km long unique Ulten Valley ranges from St. Pankraz close to Lana to St. Walburg, and from there to St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud. The head of the valley on Weißbrunnsee is the gateway to the Stelvio National Park. Thus, in St. Gertraud we find the lahnersäge, one of five National Park houses, and the only one in Ulten Valley. Some of the most spectacular hiking trails and mountain tours in the Alps start here.
In the remote Ulten Valley one can immediately feel in close touch with nature. The houses are built in the ancient local timber style. Even the farm fences, behind which unique local species such as gray cattle, Alpine sheep and goats pasture freely, are built according to traditional methods.
In winter, the Ulten Valley attracts tourists and local skiers alike due to the modern family and adventure ski area of Schwemmalm. The newest attraction is the huge Bagjump – also open during the summer.

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