Food in Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana, South Tyrol
Food in Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana, South Tyrol
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Genuine taste in the restaurant La Fucina

The aim of our cooking team in the newly renovated hotel restaurant La Fucina is to offer our guests authentic slow food and to present the art of the culinary process, as one can watch them at work through a window on the kitchen.
The restaurant is rendered in the finest contemporary Minimalist style. The walls and furnishings are made of wood, contrasting with darker architectural elements made of black steel, which refer to the space’s former function as smithy. Here, our cooking team prepares delicious meals.
Upon request, guests may also choose vegan dishes for breakfast and dinner, along with lactose-free and gluten-free dishes.

Pleasure without guilt is the motto of our head chef Stefano Brida, evident in his culinary creations. Every evening, the chef and his team create diverse menus, using seasonal and local produce and homemade pasta made by ourselves as the basis for a balanced diet. Vegetables and fruits are sourced from local producers as well as from our own garden. Dinner is accompanied by fine wines chosen from our well-assorted selection. An international range of wines and spirits can be found in the new Schwarzschmied Bar.


We use only:

  • Native cold-pressed olive oil
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No food additives
  • Seasonal products from South Tyrol and Italy

La Fucina

The perfect start to an intensive day. Certified origin and high quality describe the ingredients of the culinary dishes that are served.

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Restaurant La Fucina, Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana

Vegan and Gluten-free

Care and attention, yet without giving up anything: that's the motto of the chef's cuisine. At your request we can also prepare tasty dishes for coeliac sufferers or guests with lactose intolerance.

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Vegetables of the region, Hotel Schwarzschmied
Cheese South Tyrol, holiday in Hotel Schwarzschied

Products and Suppliers

Slow Food to us means that not only do we pay attention to the freshness and quality of our ingredients, but also to their regional origin and seasonality.

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Homemade is always best. All kinds of pasta for our various dishes are made in the pasta laboratory at the Hotel Schwarzschmied. Only organic products are utilised.

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Pasta in Hotel Schwarzschmied, holiday in South Tyrol
Culture in South Tyrol, Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana


Organic lemonade and fruit-juices, organic wines from South Tyrol and tempting aperitifs. You can completely unwind at the Schwarzschmied bar and lounge after a day spent in the outdoors.

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