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Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana

Surrounded by vineyards and orchards

Hotel Schwarzschmied is located in the centre of Lana, surrounded by vineyards and orchards, immersed the historic 16th century Schwarzbauer Garden. The large windows allow nature to virtually enter into the hotel, thereby penetrating almost every corner. That's the reason for such an extraordinary visual interplay between interiors and exteriors at our hotel in Lana.
The tasteful interiors create an atmosphere of intimacy while the luxuriant, green oasis situated in front of the hotel entices one into a state of gentle relaxation. The new, spacious rooms enhance a sense of personal well-being, as well as an atmosphere of intimacy thanks to the soft colours and warm design features.
The Garden Rooms of the new Garden wing are sure to impress, each with an open plan bathroom and private garden. The sheer attention to detail and utilisation of natural materials such as wood and glass also characterise the new slow food restaurant, La Fucina. Then there are the rooms and suites of the other hotel quarters: the Schmiedhaus, The Residence and the Schwarzbauerhof farmstead.

Location & Architecture

Tradition and innovationMediterraneanlightness 
and alpine challengecomplement each other

Philosophy and History

This is where creativity and the art of living come together! In the family-run Schwarzschmied in Lana guests will be able to experience an all-inclusive holiday.

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Family dissertori, Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana
Garden of Hotel Schwarzschmied, Holiday in Italy


Prepare for your holiday in South Tyrol while still at home. On this page you will find the best photos of the Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana.

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With its lounge, the conference room and light cuisine, the Hotel Schwarzschmied is the perfect place to hold training programmes or upgrade seminars in South Tyrol.

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Seminars and meetings in Hotel Schwarzschmied, Lana
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