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The Vitalpina Philosophy

The Vitalpina Hotels in South Tyrol

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The family-run Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol connect activity holidays with healthy and delicious meals and recreational spa facilities. In Hotel Schwarzschmied, guests will find a library equipped with hiking guidebooks. Moreover, Hotel Schwarzschmied offers three guided tours per week; equipment is available for rental directly at the hotel. In addition to the three fitness activities per week, there are other outdoor activities available, such as Nordic walking or pulse-controlled hiking, along with a sophisticated indoor program of stretching, water aerobics, Yoga and Pilates.

At Hotel Schwarzschmied, the combination of leisure activities, great meals at the La Fucina slow-food restaurant and spa treatments with local natural products provide guests with a holistic approach to Alpine lifestyle. Traditional treatments are applied using regional products such as herbs and apples, for true relaxation after an exciting day in nature.

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