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Cycling Week late summer

8. September 2024 - 15. September 2024

Cycling is feeling the wind, it's the sun on your face, it's cornering and sprinting down the straights. Road cycling is more than training. Road cycling is seeing, hearing, watching landscapes pass by, experiencing South Tyrolean culture. This package is for all those who long for movement, for expansiveness, for tingling joie de vivre and flowing energy. No bike of your own with you? We are pleased to organise a rental bike.

Four tours in five days
Monday: Lake Kaltern - Link to the tour
80.2 km | 590 metres altitude difference | approx. 4 hours

Tuesday: Mölten, Hafling - Link to the tour
58 km | 1,500 metres in altitude | approx. 4 hours

Wednesday: Wine route to Trento - Link to the tour
156 km | 570 metres of altitude | approx. 6 hours

Thursday: Martell Valley - Link to the tour
120 km | 2,030 metres altitude | approx. 6 hours

Guide & nutrition

Guide Fabian
Fabian is a passionate recreational biker and connoisseur. Cycling is not just a hobby, but a passion and way of finding more balance in everyday life. Spend time together in nature and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Arise light menu
A healthy, balanced diet that contains all vitamins and micronutrients. The ingredients in our dishes come mainly from the Arnica garden, as well as from selected suppliers in the immediate vicinity.

Services included
  • 5 nights (Sunday - Friday)
  • Breakfast at "La Fucina
  • Home-made organic snacks and fruit for the road
  • Arise light menu at "La Fucina
  • Four guided cycling tours with our guide FabianSchwarzschmied Body & Mind Programme
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
7 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period