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E-Bike Package

20. June 2024 - 29. November 2024

It is widely known that the gold of the earth lies on the backs of horses. However, we want to throw a new theory into the room with this package, and here we say that this gold is just as easily found on the saddle of our electronic bicycles. After all, such an e-bike is wonderfully practical and helps you to get to know the high steppes and deep valleys of our beautiful country.

Services included
  • 4 nights at Hotel Schwarzschmied
  • Breakfast at “La Fucina”
  • Lunch or dinner in our Slow Food Restaurants “La Fucina” or Bistro “Luce” (surcharge)
  • Free e-bike on two days
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Connection with wellness experts and opportunity for private sessions
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
4 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period