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Full of energy

20. June 2024 - 12. January 2025

Our spirits love to be awakened. Sometimes it takes a little time and a clear commitment to do so: dynamic movement and activating massages make remnants of laziness disappear and we feel energised and full of joie de vivre.

Alive and awake

We sit in the office, we sit in the car, we sit on the couch. But a sedentary lifestyle is not in keeping with our nature and can easily make us feel sluggish, tired and dull. Our energy levels drop, we tense up, it feels crowded inside us. We long for movement, for expansiveness, for a tingling lust for life and flowing energy.

Let us guide you:
Give yourself a precious time and get valuable impulses for a joyfully moving everyday life. Included in the package are:

Power Vinyasa with Hanni: Powerful, flowing movement sequences for an awake, lively day.

Functional Fitness Training with Samantha: Actively in contact with the body.

Activating massage and kidney wrap: Getting the vital energy of our kidneys going and flowing has an invigorating effect on body and mind.

A light, delicious vegetarian menu with fresh ingredients from our Arnica field and local suppliers.

Arise light menu
A healthy, balanced nutrition that contains all vitamins and micronutrients. The raw materials in our menus come mainly from our Arnica field and from selected suppliers in the immediate surroundings.

Services included
  • 5 nights (Sunday - Friday)
  • Breakfast at "La Fucina
  • Arise light menu at "La Fucina
  • Power Vinyasa Yoga with Hanni Thöni on Tuesday morning (50 min.)
  • Functional Tabata Training with Samantha on Thursday at 10.30 am (60 min.)
  • Activating massage with kidney wrap (50 min.)
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Connection with wellness experts and opportunity for private sessions
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
5 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period