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Happy Guts, Happy Human

20. June 2024 - 12. January 2025

Our gut plays a much bigger role in our well-being than we might think. It needs light, loving thoughts and mindful attention just as much as it needs warm and beneficial food and exercise. Happy gut, happy people.

Life wants to be digested in all its facets

The direct connection between our thoughts, our lifestyle and the health of our digestive system has been proven. Natural rhythms of life with regeneration breaks and rest, the enjoyment of good literature, art and music, meaningful activities, creativity and good relationships are the best prerequisites for our digestive system to feel good and run smoothly. And if we do something good for our body with healthy food, gentle exercise and treatments, we will feel lighter and happier all round and our thoughts will take on a new quality and clarity. A cycle that makes life so much easier and more beautiful.

Let us guide you:
Give yourself a precious time and get valuable impulses for an easily digestible everyday life. Included in the package are:

Detox Yoga with Steffi: Gentle yoga exercises to activate your inner fire, which supports you in digesting and transforming what you face in life, absorbing what you need and letting go of what is no longer good for you.

Soothing massage with liver wrap and foot reflex massage - enjoy peace, detoxify, feel a new balance.

A light, delicious vegetarian menu with fresh ingredients from our Arnica acre and local suppliers.

Arise light menu
A healthy, balanced nutrition that contains all vitamins and micronutrients. The raw materials in our menus come mainly from our Arnica field and from selected suppliers in the immediate surroundings.

Services included
  • 4 nights (Sunday - Thursday)
  • Breakfast at "La Fucina
  • Arise light menu at "La Fucina" (extra charge, 35€ per person per day)
  • Detox Yoga with Steffi on Wednesday (50 min.)
  • Ginger oil - belly massage with liver wrap (50 min.)
  • Foot reflex massage (focus on detox organs & alkaline foot bath, 50 min.)
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Connection with wellness experts and opportunity for private sessions
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
4 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period