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Time Out

20. June 2024 - 11. January 2026

Time out. Wonderful vacuum in the jungle of events. An inverted occupational therapy for all those who try to achieve everything, reach for the stars and yet yearn for a down-to-earth everyday life.

Services included
  • 3 nights at Hotel Schwarzschmied 
  • Breakfast at "La Fucina" restaurant 
  • Lunch or dinner in our slow food restaurants "La Fucina" or Bistro "Luce" (for a surcharge)
  • Schwarzschmied activity program 
  • 1 SPA voucher for Euro 30,- per person
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Connection with wellness experts and opportunity for private sessions
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
3 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period