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Destress and Unwind

20. June 2024 - 12. January 2025

Rest and slowness are all too often neglected in our everyday lives. Yet they are fundamental to our ability to recover, to go through life with strength and to achieve our goals. Every top athlete knows that. Without breaks, there is no high performance.

Arrive, find peace, recharge

After the inhalation, the exhalation follows. After the day, comes the night. After activity, comes relaxation. These are the rhythms of a natural life. The first two we cannot influence at will. We breathe in and out, the day and the night alternate again and again, but we do not always let a relaxation break follow an active time. Continuous activity and performance are not good for humans. Our nervous system is constantly in flight or attack mode, our bodily functions are reduced, and at some point we are simply exhausted and tired. This is why it is absolutely necessary, especially for people who have a lot on their agenda, to find a rhythm that allows for breaks to relax and rest. For a healthy, powerful life.

Let us guide you:
Give yourself a precious time and take away valuable impulses for a serene and relaxed everyday life. The package includes:

A Yin Yoga class with Johanna: The gentle holding of the positions in Yin Yoga releases deep-seated tension in muscles, joints and fasciae and harmonises body and mind.

A full-body massage with lavender oil: The body is allowed to rest and release its weight. The mind relaxes with the wonderful scent of lavender.

A light, delicious vegetarian menu with fresh ingredients from our Arnica acre and local suppliers.

Arise light menu
A healthy, balanced nutrition that contains all vitamins and micronutrients. The raw materials in our menus come mainly from our Arnica field and from selected suppliers in the immediate surroundings.

Services included
  • 3 nights (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Breakfast at "La Fucina
  • Arise light menu at "La Fucina
  • One Yin Yoga class with Johanna on Thursday evening
  • One Meridian Yoga class on Friday evening
  • One full body massage with lavender oil (75 min.)
  • Grander water in the entire house
  • Connection with wellness experts and opportunity for private sessions
  • Mobilcard for usage of public transport
3 Nights Per Person from *
* Rates may vary depending on board and period